QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I want you troopers to remember, we're shoulder to shoulder on those Frontlines, brothers. And sometimes we may quarrel, but no matter what, we are united".
- ARC Commander Colt

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Sev, In 21 BBY
Delta-07 "Sev"

"Wow, this is amazing. Look at that!"
"It's a fish, Scorch. You'll get over it. So will the fish."
"Come on, how many folks get to do this? Savor the privilege, man."
"I will, next time I'm getting my shebs shot off."
―Scorch and Sev, during their first underwater experience in a real ocean

Sev was a master sniper, and a fierce fighter who enjoyed the thrill of combat. He decorated his armor with blood-red markings that some had trouble distinguishing whether it was paint he had used, or real blood. Sev possessed a grim sense of humor, and a powerful drive to succeed, believing that any failure of his would be letting down his training sergeant, Walon Vau, and disappointing him. Though he deeply respected and revered Vau, Sev also felt a sense of jealously toward the commandos who had been trained by Kal Skirata, who treated his trainees as though they were his sons. Sev masked these inner insecurities beneath an outward personality of aggressive strength that led the rest of Delta Squad to tease that Sev was a bit of a psychopath, even joking that his cloning tank had been spiked during gestation—Vau even suggested the Kaminoans recheck his DNA for mental aberrations. 

Delta-07 "Sev", With Jedi Masters Adi Gallia & Saesee Tinn
Sev maintained a close relationship with his squadmate, Scorch, often trading jokes and quips back and forth at an almost constant interval. Sev found the Wookiee's tendency to blend their technology with the surrounding nature to be strange, though his time on Kashyyyk near the end of the war would give him an interest in acquiring a Wookie bandoleer. He enjoyed warra nuts, though the spiced kind was known to give him gas if he ate too many—a fact Scorch would tease him about. Sev also intensely hated Geonosians, and kept a count of Geonosian kills as a means of avenging the large number of clone commando deaths in the Battle of Geonosis: he intended to kill specifically 4,982 Geonosians, one for every fallen commando.

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  1. Sev I do believe Sev is my fave of Delta. And hoping to see more of them in the future